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A Christmas gift for you

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Here is my Christmas gift for you. I hope you like it!  I wanted to give you something, but it’s difficult to know what to send through cyberspace.

And I wanted to give everyone the same (stops squabbles!), but that’s hard too, when you are all so different. And Christmas means different things to each of us. For some it’s a time of joy, sparkle and lights – a time of celebration and family gatherings. For others it’s a time when we keenly feel loneliness, sadness and perhaps estrangement from those we love.  For some, Christmas holds deep religious significance – others are so tired from working massive overtime in retail jobs, all they want to do is sleep through it.

So I’ve thought hard about a gift for you, and here it is. Simple and small, it takes up no room. It is….a bauble! Hold it in your hand. Gaze at it. Silver and shiny, round and beautiful (this is where you have to join in the spirit of it, and use your imaginations!)

It’s very plain. Too plain, you may think – no ribbon or glitter or colour. But see how it reflects you and the life around you. Jumbles and distorts and merges it all together.

Let it capture it all. The busyness, the excitement, the fears, joys and griefs. The person you are, the person you want to become, the people you hold in your heart. Hopes, dreams, disappointments and lists of things to do. Let the bauble hold it all in one glorious, messy jumble.

And now, let it all go. Empty it all out – just for a few moments (this is, after all, a Christmas bauble, and at Christmas anything is possible). Close your eyes. Imagine the bauble with nothing at all inside. Let yourself experience the emptiness and stillness.  Rest in the quietness. Breathe slowly and gently. Let peace wash over you.

Slowly let the bauble’s final gift come to you. What is that you need right now, in this moment? Is it an experience of love, of joy, hope, compassion, peace? Is it rest, or acceptance or renewal?  Let a symbol of your gift take shape inside the bauble. Let it grow bigger and brighter, till it bursts out of the bauble and floods your heart, your whole being, your home and all those you come in contact with.

Hang the bauble somewhere where you can take it out whenever you want to. May it provide a little space of peace and sanctuary for you.

And may the joy, love, peace and hope that are the true gifts of Christmas be with you in this Christmas season and all the coming year.

Merry Christmas!




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