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20140411_120801Hi – I’m Jo and I live in Brisbane, Australia.  There’s so many things I love  – family and friends, nature, road trips, musicals, my gorgeous dog Sophie, and curling up in bed with a good book and, of course, snacks.  My passion is connection – with self, others, nature and Spirit.  My greatest challenge and learning curve is being confident to express myself in the world.

Hi, my name’s Anna – also hailing from sunny Brisbane2222, Australia. I love spending time with family and friends, relaxing out in nature, and cooking wholesome, yummy food. It’s also not unusual to find me laying on the veranda with a cup of tea, some chocolate, and a book! I’m passionate about the little things in life – about giving attention to the beautiful moments, experiences, and feelings that make up each day. Whether it’s the texture of a favourite dress, the delicious aroma of a just-opened bag of coffee, or the beauty of a friend’s smile, I find that these little moments can enchant us and nourish our souls in a big way. My greatest challenge? I’d say learning to listen to and follow my heart, rather than letting my rational mind make all the decisions!

DSC_0043I’m Linda, and I live on Phillip Island, Victoria. This photo shows me with my first grandchild. I love being a grandmother – it is such a treat to spend time with my two grandsons. As I travel through this life I have realised more and more that to love anyone or anything leaves us vulnerable to having our hearts broken. And yet to love also takes us to unimaginably joyous places.
The things that matter to me most are family, friendships and faith. The other things that regularly bring joy are drinking tea on the verandah, the sense of openness and life when walking along a beach, reading good poetry and novels or listening to favourite songs (singing along loudly and out of key), watching and hearing the native birds, spending time with people I love – so many things, really, to be thankful for on a daily basis.