Sandra's facing an ending and a new beginning - with grace, courage and a little bit of terror!
Sandra has lost one job, and is preparing herself for a whole different future.

Ready to share your story?  We’re listening! Where are you at right now? What makes your spirit soar? What makes you happy? What worries, discourages or frightens you? What would you like to give or to have, to see or to do?

Being able to share who we are – and feel heard – is an amazing gift. Every human experience is part of the whole, and we’d love to hear yours.

Tell us something about who you are (in a paragraph or maybe two). Include a photo and email it to us here. We’ll share it on the website. Take some time to read other’s stories, too.

PS: We know it can be scary to say “this is me!” If you need some inspiration and encouragement, listen to Sarah Bareilles’ song “Brave” here –Sarah Bareilles – Brave