The Power of Songs

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Our local radio station has a segment called Changing Tracks on Friday afternoons. It’s about the songs people associate with seminal moments in their lives – some full of sorrow, and some of joy, and many of them covering both of … Continued

The Sounds of Silence

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Silence. Such a rare commodity for most of us. Do you ever get to experience Silence? What is it like? Does it have a still, small voice? Or is Silence deafening, and frightening in its nothingness?  Silence. Michael Comins¹ writes”Not all silences are … Continued

Meet Ian and Molly

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The sun is shining, the water’s fine, a run on the beach, a ball to chase – everything is good in this best of all possible worlds! Molly”s face says it all, as she bounds through the shallow waters down at … Continued