The Sounds of Silence

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Silence. Such a rare commodity for most of us. Do you ever get to experience Silence? What is it like? Does it have a still, small voice? Or is Silence deafening, and frightening in its nothingness?  Silence. Michael Comins¹ writes”Not all silences are … Continued

Meet Ian and Molly

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The sun is shining, the water’s fine, a run on the beach, a ball to chase – everything is good in this best of all possible worlds! Molly”s face says it all, as she bounds through the shallow waters down at … Continued

Meet Caroline

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Don’t you love it when someone has a passion, and you see their dreams come true? Caroline’s passion is her coffee shop. It had been a long-time dream to own this particular little cafe in Aspley and she’d let her hopes be known. … Continued

The Longest Night

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Darkness and Light are words that can evoke immediate impressions. Light is often linked with hope, clarity, or goodness. Conversely, darkness is associated with blindness, fear or even the presence of evil. But words are coloured by our experiences. For a long time … Continued

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