Bush Turkey Dreaming

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Do you ever get visitors that just turn up,  decide they like your house and are going to stay? Strangely enough, we’ve had two recently. I’m wondering if there’s truth in the idea of “Wait, and the teacher will come to … Continued

The Drama of our Lives

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My friend’s little boy often has an accident and cries when his mother is on the phone. It seems that subconsciously he creates an “emergency” that is strong enough to get her immediate response. Ant it’s not just children who do … Continued

My Vintage Toy Box

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What was in your toy box? Lately we’ve been talking between ourselves about how less is more in so many ways. Jo’s Mum and Dad reminisced about the toys and books they had when they were children. They had very few of … Continued

Taking the Slow Train.

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I’m feeling the need for some ‘slow train therapy’ right now! (You haven’t heard of it? Not surprising – I’ve only just now invented it). It’s been a busy year, and becoming busier, and as the year draws to it’s end, I’m … Continued

Bring in the Spring

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Spring means flowers, so here’s some of our favourites that we’ve snapped as we’ve been out and about. We’d love to see what’s blooming where you are, so grab your camera, click away, and email it to us  at connect@thespiritofus.com. Include your … Continued

Regrets on the road…

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I love the magic of new beginnings – the excitement, the unknown, the mystery of the new road ahead. The fresh new steps on the path not yet trodden. To me, they can be seductive and yes, somewhat addictive. So that’s probably why I’m … Continued