Meet Ian and Molly

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The sun is shining, the water’s fine, a run on the beach, a ball to chase – everything is good in this best of all possible worlds! Molly”s face says it all, as she bounds through the shallow waters down at … Continued

Meet Caroline

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Don’t you love it when someone has a passion, and you see their dreams come true? Caroline’s passion is her coffee shop. It had been a long-time dream to own this particular little cafe in Aspley and she’d let her hopes be known. … Continued

The Spirit of Chris

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What does ‘hope’ mean to me? When life has battered me over the years and sometimes I feel like I will drown, it seems that little four-letter word rises to the fore and is the substance that keeps pounding in my head. It keeps telling me … Continued

The Spirit of Federica

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Hello everyone, My name is Federica and I’m Italian. My husband and I moved to Australia more than 3 years ago and we’re really happy here. Some of you may have been in Italy… it’s a beauty, isn’t it? But … Continued

The Spirit of Annika

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Hi – I’m Annika. I love to be creative – I make jewellery, paint and do illustrations. One day I’d love to illustrate a faery tale book for children and have my designs on textiles. Having grown up in the … Continued