The rising sun bursts through the trees. The world is gold.

Perhaps this year, a resolution to not change…

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New year, new start – well, my New Year began with me accidentally smacking myself in the face!  I hope yours was better (and definitely less violent!).

Most New Year’s resolutions are about changing something. This year, why not  think about what we want to stay the same? Instead of focussing on what we didn’t do as well as we’d hoped, let’s try a different approach. Let’s think about what worked. What’s  given us joy, brought satisfaction, given us a sense of meaning and just plain felt good and right? And then let’s think about how we can build on these things in the year ahead.

We are staying up at the farm in the hills of Gippsland, country Victoria.20160105_202925  The landscape here has a timeless quality. Every time we visit something  has changed, and yet there is a feeling of peace, of steadfastness. This  land has seen many changes, converting from seas to thick forest to farmland (and back to forest again as soon as it’s left untended). It has survived the devastation wrought by floods and bushfires. Yet it has a sense of permanence, of resilience, of being able to adapt and recreate itself.

Neerim vintage pearsAs we think about our lives, what are the bed-rock qualities that underpin them and allow us to adapt, grow and thrive? Looking at what’s worked is a good way to discover them. What’s brought joy, nourishment and fulfillment? What’s drawn our families together?  What’s helped us connect with our community, and the world around us?

This New Year, let’s celebrate the presence of those things in our lives. Let’s find ways and moments to build more of them into our days. Like this old pear tree on the farm, let’s put down strong roots that will allow us to not only withstand the changes of time, but flourish.

Take a moment to think of something that has made a positive difference in your life over the past year. Celebrate it. How can you  continue building it into this coming year? Here’s to a wonderful 2016…


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