This beautiful chocolate is doing you good every mouthful - and tastes divine!

Chocolate to love that loves you right back

Raw Organic Sugar-free Chocolate

This chocolate is delicious and is good for you too, so you can feel good with every mouthful…


80g raw organic cacao butter

40g organic coconut oil

50g raw organic cacao powder *

2 1/2 teaspoons xylitol dissolved in a teaspoon or two of boiling water

optional: Toasted shredded coconut, Toasted macadamias (or almonds or hazelnuts), dried fruit  e.g. cranberries, goji berries, raisins)

 * the cacao powder provides the flavour for the chocolate, so invest in a good quality product. Different brands of cacao come from different places, so flavour varies between brands. I like Cacao Gold by Power Super Foods, a local Murwillumbah company who sources this heritage cacao bean from Equador.


 Gently melt cacao butter and coconut oil in a bowl set over a saucepan of gently boiling water.

As soon as the cacao butter melts take it off the heat.

Add xylitol dissolved in water. Stir in well.

Add cacao powder. Stir it in until the chocolate is smooth.

Place toasted coconut, nuts, dried fruit into your container. (I use a square glass platter which is about 1cm deep, but tiny paper or foil baking cups i.e. patty pans, work just as well.)

 Gently spoon chocolate over the coconut/fruit/nuts to the depth you wish. I find 5-7mm or so is good.

 Place in the fridge or freezer until firm. If you have made a sheet of chocolate, cut or break it into bite sized pieces.

For presentation: line a box or plastic tub with pretty paper. Place a cut-down to size plastic or cellophane bag inside and fill with chocolates. Keep cold.


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