Feeling 'blah'? - Try these 5 body-centred ways to enliven your senses and energize your spirit.

Feeling ‘blah’? Here’s 5 body-centred ways to enliven your spirit

Wake up your body to enliven your spirit

Are you feeling jaded and tired -wishing you could get a recharge?  These simple activities can refresh and reenergize your body and your mind. Often when I’m feeling blah and jaded, everything feels like too much effort, but I’ve found that  paying attention to my body and enlivening it’s senses has a great payoff on all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Incorporate as many of these as you can into your daily life, and watch your energy levels rise.

1/ Move 

  • Put on some upbeat music and dance it out. A good shake, shimmy, rattle and roll can do wonders.
  • Try stomping, clapping and sounding. Imagine you are a tribal dancer, barefoot and stamping to the beat of the earth. Make sounds – with your feet, with your hands, with your voice. Get louder and faster as you go. Feel the energy rise.
  • If you’re feeling really tired, try letting gravity do the moving for you, with ‘the leg up the wall’ yoga pose. Lie on the floor, with your bottom close to the wall, and lift your legs up against the wall. This boosts circulation to the upper body and head, leaving you refreshed and energized. And all while you just lie there – sometimes less is more!

2/Scrub salt scrub small

Have a salt scrub – I’m always amazed at how energized this can make me feel. Mix 1 cup of salt with 1/2 cup coconut or olive oil. Add an invigorating essential oil such as lime or grapefruit. Use all over the body (except the face) – begin at the feet and work upwards towards the heart. Then shower off. Do this every 3 or 4 days, and really feel your circulation improve and sluggish energy start to move.

3/ See yellow flowers

Colours can increase our energy levels. See which colours work for you and try wearing some of that colour, or introducing it around your home or workplace. Maybe some bright yellow sunflowers, colourful stationary or a wild vintage print? The 60’s and 70’s were a time of an explosion of energy, and the colours and patterns of the time mirrored and enhanced that.

4/ Smell 12599009_1557682841221959_682154537_n-300x300

Scents can immediately invigorate us. Just the thought of freshly ground coffee makes me feel more energetic. You can also put out a small bowl of coffee beans – they smell gorgeous and also purify the air. Cook with spices, breathe in their heady aroma, and imagine yourself in India or the Middle East . Try using invigorating aromatherapy oils around your home. Use a diffuser or oil burner, scent your drawers, spray your pillow, use them in handwash and laundry. Lime, grapefruit, peppermint. basil and lemongrass are some that are particularly good for lifting spirits and stimulating energy.

20160213_1550035/ Breathe 

Simply standing tall and  taking deep breaths can enliven and recharge you. It gets more oxygen to your blood and your brain, and stimulates both your digestive system and your immune system. Even better if you can do this whilst walking, and best still if you can walk by the sea, where the extra positive ions add bonus energy!

So that’s 5 simple ways you can recharge your spirit. I use them when I feel exhausted, or when I’ve got those “can’t be bothered” blues. I find my spirit lifts as I stimulate my senses.

Oh, and here’s one extra – 


Your body loves to be surprised with something different. Take it out somewhere new, try a different physical activity. Let it try new foods, wear new things, smell different scents, see different places or new artworks, and hear different music and sounds. It’s always there for you – surprise and delight it – and you’ll feel the extra love in your spirit!

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  1. Kerry

    Thanks for the great ideas! So often its easy to numb out in front of the computer at times like this, but I find I rarely feel better afterwards. Getting out of your head and into your body is a really good alternative 🙂

  2. The Spirit Of Us

    Yes, I agree. Even when it takes a bit of extra effort, it leaves me feeling more refreshed, energized and clearer. Sometimes, too, what you really need is a nap:)

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