Freedom in restriction – really?

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I listen to the naturopath as she gives me the details of my new, easy diet.  Nothing seems “easy” about it! Very specific rules to follow. A fortune in supplements. Very few foods to eat, and little of them. The prospect of detox “flu”.“Try to have fun with it!” the perky young naturopath exclaimed gaily. “There’s freedom in restriction.”  Yeah, right…

So, now I’m on day 3 of the HCG diet. 500 calories a day for 23 to 40 days, while taking the “magic” HCG drops which will supposedly chemically signal my body to release the fat which has piled on to my stomach, thighs, arms… you get the picture…

Yes, its extreme. And not really my cup of tea. But it came to my awareness and, after 20 years, following (more or less) my doctor’s diet plan, I was more than ready to make a decision for myself. The promise of rapid weight loss, minimal hunger, and a new, more healthy metabolism were also very attractive.

By the time I came to start my “project”, as I am now trying to think of it, I was excited. And looking forward to weighing and measuring myself every day, as instructed, and watch those kilos and centimetres melting away.

Planning to clear the clutter!

I was also looking forward to freedom from the “cooking from scratch” meal preparations, which were a hallmark of my previous long-term healthy diet. I started to imagine all the things I would do with my new found time and energy. I would detox my house as well as my body! Start making my way through those bags and boxes of stuff that seem to breed in out-of-the-way corners of the house. I imagined myself and my house made lighter and more buoyant as we both shed the excess we’d accumulated over the last few years.

And the pantry!

A friend told me about her current project: she is using up all the special ingredients in her pantry and fridge, before buying anything new. The miso, previously hiding in the back of the fridge, is now the basis for surprisingly enjoyable soups. And who knew quinoa was so yummy! If she’d known this earlier, it wouldn’t have sat in the pantry for over 12 months…

I like to think that I’m doing the same with my body. I tell myself that the fat around my waist and belly is excess food stored in my larder, and my project (a much less loaded word than “diet”) is to use it up. This seems thrifty, and I like to think that this stubborn, and usually much maligned fat might enjoy the opportunity to be useful. Fanciful? But then the light-headedness of these first Very Low Calorie Days is conducive to such thoughts!

In order to experience some of these freedoms for myself, I have decided to stay home quietly, not go shopping or to appointments, and have handed over the teenager’s food preparation to the teenager. I am hoping that this simplified routine will mean I have heaps of spare time. Time I plan to spend decluttering and on gentle self-care activities.

Freeing up timeFreeing up space in my home and body All good. And past experiences have also taught me that if I change my circumstances for long enough, I also begin to change my thoughts. I am really looking forward to having freedom to think new thoughts….

It’s early days yet. I’m putting my all into it. And I’ll let you know how it goes!


Are you hankering for freedom in some form? Would you like to simplify your life in some way? And could simplification, limitation, restriction, if you will – become a doorway into having more freedom?

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