Holding on and letting go – a simple meditation

Our hands are what we use for holding on and for letting go – so what better body part to help us focus for this meditation. This is a simple and quick meditation that helps us be clear about what we want in our lives, and what we are ready to let go of.  I find it brings with it a lovely balance and awareness.

Find a place where you can sit quietly, without interruptions. Make sure you are sitting comfortably.

Close your eyes, bring your focus to the here and now.

Breathe in and out gently, noticing the movement of your breath.

hand 1Gently take your dominant hand – this is your “holding on” hand.

Begin with the thumb. Feel it gently, and as you do, think about something you want to hold on to in your life, right at this moment. Out loud or in your head, say “I am holding on to …….”.

Continue with all the fingers.

When you are finished, close your hand and say “I am holding on to all these things because they matter to me right now”.

Then take your other hand. This is the “letting go” hand. It’s for letting go of hand 3those things that are no longer needed, or are not serving you right now.

Again, begin with the thumb. Say “I am letting go of …..”. Continue with your fingers.

When you are finished, leave your hand open and say “I am letting go of all these things from my life for now”.

Continue breathing deeply for a few moments. When you are ready to open your eyes, rub your hands briskly together to bring warmth and energy to your intention.

hands 2These are not “forever” intentions. They are for the here and now, for today – even for the next 5 minutes.  Some things are hard to hold on to or give up, but it may be possible to do it for a short time, even if it’s just while we do the meditation.

Try not to be judgemental during this meditation. Just go with what comes up. For instance, one of my “holding on to” fingers was “I am holding on to my sweet tooth”.  I don’t want to be craving sweet things, but the truth is, today I am. So somewhere in my body/psyche I must be needing it. I figure if I am conscious about it, then one day I will find I can move it to the “letting go” hand. Try not to classify things as negative or positive – for instance, perhaps for this moment you want to hold on to anger, or let go of caring. Do it. It won’t hurt anyone.

There is no need to ‘work’ to change your choices. Your inner self knows what it needs, and will begin to balance itself out.

If you can take five minutes to do this regularly – say, every day for a week – you will find you automatically begin to be more conscious in your choices of what you hold on to and what you let go of. I find as well that I become clearer in my mind about what those choices are doing for me.

If you find this helpful, please let me know!  You might have other ways you “hold on and let go” – and if you do, we’d love to hear them.

Blessings for today



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