Let spring awaken your creative spirit!

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Let Spring awaken your creative spirit. Whether it be poetry, prose, art, music, movement, let the new life of spring inspire your imagination.  Linda’s poem expresses the way spring calls us to loosen some of those things we hold too tightly to. Read it, enjoy it, but don’t stop there – get out your pens, papers and art supplies. and join us as we welcome spring with a creative celebration. 
The bud

I am a spring bud, hanging on a branch and refusing to uncurl.
I remain closed, folded in upon myself, each petal a protecting layer.
I feel the warmth of the sun trying to coax me along.
But I am afraid. I am sure there are more rainstorms to come, more violent winds to shake and damage me.
So I remain huddled, wrapped within myself, frightened of vulnerability.
‘Spring is coming.’ The words are whispered on the sunrise;
‘Spring is coming,’ chatter the various birds, urgent in their message.
Spring is coming – a time to be alive and full of wonder. A time to revel in beauty and bounteousness. A time to nurture and feed both self and others with the sweet nectar of life.
The sun’s gentle warmth is like the caress of a mother as she tenderly wakes her little ones from sleep. And I begin to wonder – maybe just one petal, or two?
I uncurl slightly.


Has spring inspired you? Send us in your poems, photos of your artworks, or even just your inspired thoughts – we’d love to share them with others!

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