Lighter, simpler, clearer

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How would you like to be today? (Or tomorrow, if you’re reading this late at night). Happier, calmer, kinder, braver – alright, who’s that in the third row who said ‘thinner and richer’?? Seriously though, imagine someone could wave a magic wand and give you three qualities that will stay with you throughout the day, and colour your work, your relationships, your way of seeing and being in the world. What three qualities would you ask for today? Take a moment to think about it, and imagine how your day will look as you have those three qualities in it. How will it change things? What will you do differently?

My three qualities for today are ‘Lighter, Simpler and Clearer‘. ¬†Lately I’ve been thinking about how to live life from a more centred place, and I’m learning that, in order to do that, I need to work at keeping my centre – my spirit – strong.

One way for me to do this is to keep it lighter, simpler and clearer.

It’s lighter when it’s not weighed down by things like harsh judgements and criticisms (especially my own!), trying to meet others expectations, or by perfectionism and comparisons.

It’s lighter, too, when I let emotions flow, rather than clinging on to them, magnifying them, or turning them into stories that I then tell and retell until they seem like they are set in stone.

Discovering how to shed these things, or not take them on in the first place, is enough to keep me busy for some time.

It’s simpler when I keep my focus on just one or maybe two things. It seems to me our lives can be full of so much – well, so much everything. So much information, choice, opportunities, noise, activities, demands, possessions. It can be tiring and overwhelming just trying to sort through and manage it all. I find when I can keep it simple then I feel lighter, see more clearly, and enjoy it more.

And it’s clearer when I make the time and space to be still and listen. Wisdom waits to speak, but often in a small quiet voice, easy to miss in constant noise and hustle. Simple things, like journaling, paying attention and being mindful, following the breath, walking, taking time to play, be creative, rest are all ways that help me be clearer.

So how about you? What can you do to help bring your three qualities into your life (unless you do happen to know someone with that magic wand).

If you want to, share your three qualities in the comments below – as always, we’d love to hear what your experience is.



6 Responses

  1. Bronwyn

    More grateful, lighter and more calmer (which sometimes looks like tiredness!)

    • The Spirit Of Us

      Thanks, Bronwyn – and it’s Thursday night now, so I’m wondering how you went with them, and if they made a difference to your day…

  2. Peter

    I’m going for self kindness, survival and coffee as my 3 words!

  3. Linda Livett

    It’s taken me until now to try this. And I ended up wi th 4 words. The first three are: Thankful (because often I’m not); Connected, which I long for; Purposeful.
    But the fourth word is Energy because I need that just to start the day and apply any of the above.

    • The Spirit Of Us

      Hi Linda – thanks for sharing your words. I hope somewhere in your days you get some rest – and begin to get some energy back. It seems too hard, otherwise, to try and focus on the others. Like just one more onerous task to do. And I wonder if maybe just the desire to have those other things, even if you are too tired to feel them, is enough for now? In the meantime, please let us hold those words and intentions for you, until you have the energy again to do it for yourself…and I hope you find them coming into your days in unexpected ways.

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