Meet Caroline

Meet Caroline

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Don’t you love it when someone has a passion, and you see their dreams come true? Caroline’s passion is her coffee shop. It had been a long-time dream to own this particular little cafe in Aspley and she’d let her hopes be known. So when the owners decided to sell, Caroline got the phone call she’d been waiting for. She’d just finished a business degree and begun working in event management, but gave it all up without a second thought. “It seemed like the planets all aligned”, she told me, “and I couldn’t pass up the chance. My Dad had just been given a redundancy, so I’ve brought him on board to help as well”. It didn’t matter that she’d never worked in a cafe or operated a coffee machine before – “I just watched lots of You-Tube videos and practiced, practiced, practiced”.

“What I love most about it”, says Caroline, “is the way it’s become such a great little community space. Everybody comes together, and strangers have become good friends. I love being able to create that space – and I love working with my Dad.”

Caroline said she’s had not one day of regrets since taking on the shop. She’s just rebranded it as “My Little Coffee Shop”. Gorgeous as it looks, I think the winning brand is her passion, enthusiasm and welcoming smile. And she also makes a killer coffee!

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  1. Amy

    This was such a charming little post about taking risks that paid off. Thank you! Great job Caroline too!

    • The Spirit Of Us

      We really love having people share their passions with us – finding out what excites them, moves them, makes them feel. And when they can do it for a living, even better!

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