Meet Ian and Molly the dog at the beach

Meet Ian and Molly

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The sun is shining, the water’s fine, a run on the beach, a ball to chase – everything is good in this best of all possible worlds! Molly”s face says it all, as she bounds through the shallow waters down at Golden Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. And Ian, her owner, thinks it’s pretty fine too.

Ian and Molly leave the cold of Tasmania each winter for some Queensland sunshine. Ian is a retired farmer. He grew up on the family farm, and then worked it himself. He tried different things, but settled on growing hops, and loved it. “The lush greenness of the hops, the fragrant smell – there’s nothing like it”, he told me, “and we were surrounded by Tasmanian wilderness – a truly beautiful place to live”. Eventually, though, it got too much. “There comes a point”, said Ian, “when you are sick of standing in rain and mud and cold for weeks on end, losing gum boots in the mud. And farming is getting harder as well, with new regulations and other things we didn’t have to worry about before. I had two girls- one of them wanted to take on the farm, but it was just too much. So we’ve sold it.”

Molly was given to Ian by one of his daughters. “I wasn’t going to get another dog. When my old farm dog died, I was heartbroken. It’s strange – I couldn’t cry when my father died, even though I loved him, but I cried over my dog. I thought I couldn’t have another dog, but I wouldn’t be without Molly now”.”

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