Meet Jarrod

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What do you do with your spare time? I quite like to read or lie in my hammock, or perhaps go walking. Jarrod catches sharks. Which all of a sudden makes my hobbies sound a little lame…

Talking to Jarrod and his fishing buddies at the end of Shornecliffe pier, I felt a little like I was talking to characters from a Steinbeck or Hemingway novel. Man, and the creatures of the deep. The chase and the challenge.

It’s the challenge that these guys say draws them to shark fishing. Pitting themselves against such a large creature. They are not little sharks, either – often around 10 or 12 foot. I asked what sort. “Tigers, bull-sharks, hammerheads – all sorts”, was the answer.

“Surely there aren’t too many of those around?”, I asked, hoping for a reassuring “No”. But they assured me that there are plenty in the waters here, and they catch some almost every time. Which was not what I wanted to hear, as that is my local swimming spot. Obviously so far I have not been attractive to sharks.

Catching a shark requires patience – they say it can take hours to get one in once they have it on the line. Once they’ve got it out of the water, it’s measured, the hook removed, and back into the sea it goes to swim on it’s merry way. I don’t think they kiss it first.

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