Man and Blue Macaw

The Spirit of Tony and Rocky

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I’ve had a passion for birds ever since I was a child. My first bird was a galah. Now I have over 300 birds – mostly from  the parrot family. I have everything from macaws and cockatoos to budgerigars and lorikeets.  I just love them and really connect with them. When I walk into my aviary, I can feel which ones are sick or unhappy, or just need some extra attention.

It’s the same with people. I can usually sense which people might be needing to connect with the birds- maybe the person is having a bad day, but when the birds hop on their shoulder, their mood lifts. Children, old people – everybody lights up when they connect.

Rocky is a blue and yellow macaw, from Brazil. He’s 14 months old, and so handsome. And he knows it! He loves coming out and meeting people at the markets. Well, so do I!

(You can meet Tony, Rocky and all the other birds at the Maleny Botanical Gardens and Bird World near Brisbane. See their website for details Click here).

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