My Vintage Toy Box

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What was in your toy box? Lately we’ve been talking between ourselves about how less is more in so many ways. Jo’s Mum and Dad reminisced about the toys and books they had when they were children. They had very few of either, but what they had was much loved and treasured, and played with and read over and over again.  Margarete wrote down some of her memories of her 1930’s toy box for us…
Not Wally (but cute!)

Where’s Wally?  Most of us have looked for Wally amongst the myriad of faces in the ‘Where’s Wally’ books and know the joy of actually finding him!  But I have a story about another Wally.

Wally was a soft toy belonging to my brother James, but Wally too was very much part of our family.  He was given to James during the Second World War and although only about 9 inches tall, he looked very much a soldier, dressed in a  khaki military uniform with his slouch hat and strong boots.  How proud we were of Wally and many a story evolved around him….stories of being in the war and of how he fought for our country.  In many ways he became almost OUR lifelike relative who went to war!  Imagination was for us a great thing and we never lacked telling a bigger and better story about what Wally did fighting in the war for us.

Actually he lived in our Hallstand Box with all of our other toys.  He shared the box with Eli, an elephant made out of felt, as were the deer and mouse- all made by Mum.  She loved craft and made  many  odds and ends. I wish now that I had appreciated more all that she did for us.

Also in the box were four board games – Snakes and Ladders,  Chinese Checkers,  Draughts and Monopolyjigsaw – and a pack of cards, a box of blocks, a wooden jigsaw puzzle and a few special books that, every year, we were given for Christmas.  We read and re read those books over and over again and never tired of their stories.

Mum’s special doll and little canvas chair

This box too was home for my dolls – a rag doll,  a celluloid doll and black Topsy doll.  My very special doll slept in her wicker pram in my bedroom and she is still with me in our bedroom to this very day.  A small, fold out canvas seat, stayed in that box, so handy for us kids to use when we needed that extra seat.  Oh, I almost forgot our ‘dress ups’.  What fun we had with those!

This was the extent of our toys, all loved and very much part of our childhood.  Now, as the years go by, I think of those days when we were children, how happy we were with very little and how ‘Make Believe’ was a big part of our lives.

And that brings me back to Wally.  Whatever happened to Wally?    Where’s  Wally?




Thanks so much, Mum, for sharing your memories with us!

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