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Here are some of our best-loved themes. Click on the title to find out more.


The Tree of Life is a wonderful metaphor to use as we take stock of our lives. We see what grounds us, and the people and things that have shaped us. We look at what makes us strong, and find resources and tools for living. We celebrate our hopes, dreams and gifts to the world.

Key Focus: Life Metaphor




Give yourself the gift of time to reconnect with YOU. Slow down, rest, replenish, restore. Listen to your body and soul.  Sink into the luxury of just being. Rediscover your joy.

Key Focus. Presence. Self-awareness. Rest



A beautiful, life-affirming workshop that helps us access the rich world of our emotions. A feast for the senses.

Key focus: Emotions





Much of life requires us to be strong. How do we build the strength, supports and resources we need? And still stay flexible, open and soft?

Key Focus: Strengths




When the storms have passed, the beach is a treasure trove of gifts washed up on the sand. If you’ve been battered by life’s experiences, come with us on a gentle journey as we search for the gifts.

Key Focus. Healing. Moving forward.



No matter what our belief system, we all need a framework for understanding the world and giving meaning to our lives. How do we build lives and communities of faith, hope, purpose and courage?

Key Focus: Faith, Hope

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