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About the workshops


Why do we run creative workshops?

We run our workshops because we believe:

  •  that women thrive when we create and connect. 
  • that we all know what it is we need – if only we can listen to our inner voice.
  •  that together we are able to build lives and communities that are strong, joyful, creative, loving, resilient.
  • that we need the space, time, tools and support to do that.
  • that we can provide an unforgettable experience that is uplifting, inspiring – and that you’ll love.

What do we do at our workshops?

People often wonder what they’ll be doing at a workshop – and they worry that they are not creative or artistic. But no special skills are needed.  Really, we play – with colour, paints, music and movement.  Our workshops are structured so that we gently ease into the activities, and so that people can participate in a way that’s comfortable. You can read more here about the types of activities we do.

Simply being in a creative, supportive and non-judgemental space gives us freedom to listen to our own wisdom. But it’s more than that. Our thinking, conscious mind is not the only storehouse of knowledge. Our bodies also hold knowledge and memories, and so does our unconscious mind. To access this, we need to use different tools – things like art, movement, the senses.

And we have a great time! Women are often surprised at how much fun they have, and amazed at the insights that emerge.

So you’d love a workshop! What themes are available?

We have a range of themes to choose from, or can tailor one to suit your group. The themes are chosen to resonate with particular issues, and each has one or two key focus areas. In practice, the workshops are flexible and responsive to the needs of the group on the day.

See some of our most popular themes here, or a complete list of themes here.


The workshops are held at your venue, at a time that suits you.

We bring all materials, and do the setting up and clearing up.

You provide the space  and the people – oh, and the food.

Each workshop has two presenters.

Costs are kept low – from $15 per person. Click here for a list of prices.

Who are The Spirit of Us?

I’m Jo, and The Spirit of Us is my baby. Throughout my life I’ve always been passionate about connection – with my inner self, with others, nature and Spirit. I love to share this with others, and right from the start of The Spirit of Us it has been a collaborative effort. Working with me are a varied group of women, each bringing their own special knowledge and skills. Together we have a background in counselling, social work, art therapy and the arts. More importantly, we are women like you, who want to live, love, learn, laugh and thrive – together.


Contact us at connect@ thespiritofus.com  or ring  0400 123 399

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