Road trip! Are you in?

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Who’s up for a road trip?  Pack your bags and come along with us!  We’re going on a journey to the centre.

Destination:  We are journeying to the centre, not of the earth, or even of Australia, but of ourselves. We might not know exactly what the destination looks like yet, or even precisely where it is. But no matter – that’s one of the things we’ll be discovering. Beginning today, we’ll start looking more closely at our destination.  We’ll be exploring what it means to be centred, and what  a centred life actually looks like. That way, we’ll know where we are heading, and we can recognize it when we get there.

Route: Vague. Within ourselves, we have an infinitely vast, mysterious and exciting terrain to traverse. We have some guideposts to get us started, and a bit of a mud map, and we’ll find out more as we go. We’ll also learn to tell when we’re on the right track, and when we’ve taken a wrong turn.

Our vehicle: We’re going by road, but we might have to use different vehicles at different times. We’ll learn how to choose the right vehicle for the journey. What will help us get there?

Gear required: A desire to live a more centred life,  curiosity, a willingness to explore. Openness, patience and probably a sense of humour. We’re aiming to travel light.

Duration: As long as it takes – possibly a lifetime? However, this particular part of the journey will take just four weeks.

Rewards: These might be different for each of us. I’m hoping for greater inner strength, connection – to self, others and spirit, clarity, freedom, a more grounded sense of being. And my list continues. I’m expecting the rewards to be well worth the journey, and also expecting there will be more rewards I haven’t expected.

The journey to our centre is a journey of the spirit

The journey, as you’ve realized, is a journey of the spirit (although wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could combine that with an actual physical road trip? Maybe one day we will…). For now, we can journey together over the next month, looking at different aspects each week of the what, where and how of journeying to our centre. I’m really looking forward to seeing where we end up, and how we get there.

The journey will be immeasurably better if we all are involved in the discovering and planning. So if you find anything, think of ways to explore, notice a by-road that looks interesting, see a glimmer of an idea or find a new meaning, let us know via email ( or on the Facebook page (thespiritofus).

So, are you in? If you are, welcome – we’ll have a great time! To get ready, take a moment (now, or over the next week), to consider where you are hoping to get to on this trip. What does being centred mean for you? Here’s some ideas that might help…

This week – the destination. 

To think about..

  • What does the destination – that centred place – look or feel like to you? Where in your body do you feel your centre is? Maybe your pelvis or your gut or your heart? Or somewhere different?
  • Can you put some words around the idea of being centred? What would you mean by it?

To do...

  • This week, just notice. I found it difficult to come up with a definition, but much easier to notice when I feel centred.  Noticing when we are feeling centred – and when we are not – is a great way to begin understanding what ‘centered’ means for us. And when we just notice, our unconscious mind will begin to make connections for us.

That’s enough to start with. Over the coming weeks, we’ll dig a little deeper, and discover more about ourselves in our journey to our centre. Next week we’ll look at what we take with us. For now, stop and have a coffee and maybe some cake – we want to enjoy ourselves on this trip!

This week’s question:

What is one essential thing you must pack for any trip?

Mine is a book.



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    • The Spirit Of Us

      Definitely – I used to begin every road trip with John Denver. As soon as I heard the first song, my whole body relaxed. I knew all the trials of preparation were done, and I was on my way!

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