Bring your senses alive to have a truly "sensational" autumn. Take our autumn challenge!

“Sensational” autumn

How do we make something truly sensational? We do it by bringing all our senses to it and really letting ourselves touch, taste, smell, hear and see it! So often we only use a couple of our senses to experience something. If you’ve been inspired by Anna’s post  to really experience your world through your senses in new ways, (Read it here) then here’s a way to make this season sensational.

The sun catches the colours of an autumn leafGet on board for the “Sensational Autumn” challenge!

Over the next week, challenge yourself to experience autumn using every one of your senses, in as many different ways as possible.  Use your creativity and ingenuity, and see what new and different ways you can come up with. Delight your senses with the the surprising, and the unexpected. There will be things you love about autumn and look forward to every year – include these, but also look for new signs of autumn – ones that you might not normally take much notice of.

Ask yourself “how many different senses can I use to experience this? Can I explore it using every sense I have?”  W3 colored leavese all know what an autumn leaf looks like – do we know how it smells? Feels when we walk on it barefooted? What about if we touch it with the back of our hand instead of the front? Could we taste it? (There is a fancy restaurant in Japan that serves a dirt soup, so perhaps in autumn they may include a ‘fallen leaf’ soup!) We may know how autumn leaves sound when we walk on them. But what do they sound like as they are falling? Can we hear that? What about when they hit the ground?

We are so used to using sight that it can dominate our other senses, so experiment with closing your eyes to intensify the experience of tasting, touching, hearing and smelling.

leaf pileNow document what you’ve discovered. You could write about it, photograph it, paint it. But why not try something different – and something that uses different senses? Maybe you could try creating a sensory “touch and feel” collection, or record sounds, write and sing a song, express the sense of what you’ve found through movement and dance, or cook a meal that features the colours and tastes and fragrant smells of autumn produce.

If you give it a go, we’d love to know what you come up with! Share via the comments, or let us know via email, with photos if you have them, and we’ll put it up on the website.

And have a truly sensational time!

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