Songs of Spring

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What’s your song this spring? What are your heart, body and spirit singing? The poet Keats* asks “Where are the Songs of Spring?”.  A good question. Those words, along with all the sunshine, flowers, ducklings, new buds, and general ‘springiness’ in the air, have got me wondering. What are my Songs of Spring? What are yours?

Songs of change, songs of longing (for what? – for something that I don’t even know). Songs of clearing out, of preparing, of new growth. Songs of changeability. They’re all the songs of my heart and spirit this Spring.

As I ponder on this list, I notice that what is happening in my interior world so often reflects what is happening in the natural world. In the early days, when The Spirit of Us was just beginning, a group of us sat around with cups of tea, and chatted about topics we wanted to explore. One of the things we all wanted was to be more connected to the natural world around us. Now I find that way of thinking is in itself quite disconnecting. Why? Because, we are nature – it’s kind of silly to talk about it as if it is a separate entity – one which we can connect or disconnect with at will. We are the natural world.

I sit for a moment to let myself be aware of this. There is no reason to be surprised that the forces and ways of the world I see outside of me are also stirring within me.

As I find myself wanting to sort and clear space, I see the winds that come at this time of year clearing out old branches and blowing away dead leaves. As I long for something I can’t yet envisage, I see buds and seedlings emerge – tiny harbingers of unseen promise. As my feelings change from moment to moment, so does the changeable weather. As I come up yet again against old resistances and unhelpful stories (‘ouch’), my bare feet discover another patch of prickly bindies (also ‘ouch’), and I wonder how I didn’t notice them before. And as I feel an excitement for growth and the beginnings of change, I sense the warmth of the sun on my skin, and see all of nature quickening and coming alive. Alive with the Songs of Spring.

New buds – tiny harbingers of unseen promises

What songs are you singing? Notice them, feel them – maybe even hum the words. Share them, and we’ll all join in the chorus…

Happy Spring!


*John Keats – Ode to Autumn

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  1. Kerry

    Thank you for such beautiful thoughts, Jo. I especially love the parallels between our outer and inner worlds. For some reason, I find it very comforting 🙂 x Kerry

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