Sunshiney, summery loveliness, and a dose of self-care, all in a glass with bubbles and a strawi

Summer lovin’

This is an easy way to spoil yourself on hot summer days  – so easy, I hesitated to share it!  And, whilst this may not change your life, it can certainly bring you some summery joy. And surely all these small but special things we do for ourselves make for a more spirit-filled life – they enliven our senses, and fill our lives with extra joy, deliciousness, beauty and awareness. The very easiness of these things mean we can fit more of them into our days. And that’s a good thing! So here it is:

Fill  ice-cube trays with a small slice of lime, lemon, and strawberry, and a sprig of mint. Top up with water and freeze. Drop into a glass of water (something with a few bubbles is nice), add a fancy straw, sip and enjoy.  Aaah – cooler already!

If you are from the northern climes and suffering through the depths of winter, don’t despair – we’ve tried it in a cup of hot water and it’s just as nice – in fact, it’ll bring a bit of summer-time magic into the gloomiest days!

And if you want to go a little deeper, now you’re refreshed and comfortable, you might like to think about your inner self as well.  Just as we treat our bodies to different things at different times of the year (think hot chocolate in winter, and gelati and splashing in the ocean in summer), so we need to vary our inner self care as well.   What is your inner season right now? What sort of nourishment does it need?  Do you need time to rest and relax in the sun? Or is this a time for quiet hunkering down, with a book and  a cup of tea?  Maybe it’s a season of new growth and reaching out, and you need opportunities to do that.  Perhaps a time of gentle reflection is what’s called for.  When we are sensitive  to our inner seasons, we can respond with creative self-care.

What is your favourite small but special way of treating yourself? How are you celebrating the season it is where you are -for both your outer and inner self? Share with us in the comments…

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