Topic List

Here’s our current list of topics. Have a browse through. If you would like something different, we are happy to work with you.



And we explore…
The Tree of Life One of our favourites! We explore what grounds us, where we come from and the gifts that gives us. We also look at our values, our strengths, what nourishes us, our hopes, dreams and our gifts to the world. So much, it’s often done over three sessions, but a condensed version can be done in one. Inspiring, fun and insightful, we come away with a greater sense of self and community.

Coming Home to Self Gives women the gift of time and the tools to connect back to themselves, remember who they are, and access their own inner wisdom. It’s easy to lose our sense of self when we are so busy giving out. In this session women are nourished and empowered through gentle and creative activities that help deepen their relationship with body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Colours of our lives Colours can capture and express emotions, fears, hopes and much more. All emotions are part of the experience of being human – this is a gentle way of recognizing and expressing them, leading to greater peace, fresh insights and resilient strength. A beautiful and life-affirming workshop.

Songs of the Heart Songs so often speak for us in powerful ways. We share songs that have inspired, uplifted and strengthened us, using imagery and movement. A great workshop for anyone, but Mums with young bubs will find the children enjoy it too!

Building Faith and Hope How do we build lives and communities that are filled with faith and hope? We explore this using a variety of creative activities. Sharing with other women, we are encouraged to dig deep and discover what it is we base our hope on. We remember how this hope has sustained us in the past, and look at ways to strengthen this for the future.

Birds of a Feather A different and fun workshop, we use feathers and all they can stand for to explore whatever is most important for the group at the time. Ideas of nurturing and caring, empowering, working together, or being free are just some of the ways the exploration can go.  Feathers really can give us wings to explore, and discover new insights.

Beachcombing Come with us as we take a walk on the beach (metaphorically speaking!) and discover treasures washed up by the tide. Sometimes we feel battered by the waves of life – when the tide ebbs away, it’s good to see what gifts are left us. How can we use these bits of shell, driftwood and flotsam and jetsam to enrich and add meaning to our lives?

“I’m not Enough” How many of us have a strong inner critic, telling us we’re not enough, we can’t, we shouldn’t, we aren’t deserving?? Telling us to play it small and safe? In this workshop we learn to befriend our critic, whilst also discovering ways to move past its limiting beliefs and discover what we are truly capable of.

Growing at the speed of life Time, and feeling we don’t have enough of it, is a big issue for many of us these days. We look at how fast life should be, what things need time, and how we can make the best use of the time we have.

Weaving our strengths This workshop focuses on the things that make us strong. We look at what nourishes us, and the things in our lives that build resilience, courage and strength. We create a stick weaving which we can keep at home as a visual reminder of where our strength lies.

Choose your own topic! Do you have a topic or theme that your group is keen to explore? Talk to us, and we’ll see if we can work with you to tailor-make something to your needs.