Try seeking Nature’s wisdom…

Sometimes it’s hard to access our own feelings, deeper longings and desires. So much can get in the way. Here’s a simple way to connect with nature in an intentional way that allows it to help us give our spirit a voice.You will need:

  •  some time just for you (try for at least 30 minutes – an hour would be great)
  •   art supplies (I like watercolours, but whatever you prefer. No artistic skill required!)

Begin by stepping outside – somewhere like a park or a beach is perfect, but wherever you are is fine.  Take a few deep breaths, focussing on the inward and outward movement of your breath, and quietening your mind. This time is for you to receive whatever message nature and Spirit has for you. Be as open to receiving as you can.

As you walk, look around. See what catches your eye. Don’t think too hard. If it’s small take it with you, or take a photo or draw a quick sketch.

Take out your your art supplies. Sit quietly and think about what nature has given you. What are its qualities? What is its colour, shape and weight? What is it doing?  What is its function? Does it occur at specific times of year? Is it alone, or in a group?  Perhaps one of its qualities will stand out for you – sit gently with that – simply allow images and associations to arrive.

Take time drawing/painting/sculpting your object.  You can do a realistic picture, or an abstract representation of the feelings and qualities that speak to you.  Often deeper meanings will arise through the drawing process.  If you like, you can look up the symbolic meaning online, but I would encourage you to find your own meaning first.

Give your drawing a title, and give thanks for what nature has revealed. You might want to journal your insights as well.


These reading cards, featuring indigenous art, offer insights from Nature
Laura’s Dreamtime Reading Cards are a beautiful way to connect with nature’s insights

You might enjoy these beautiful reading cards by Laura Bowen, an Australian artist. Laura lives in the Bellinger Valley in New South Wales, and  has been taught since childhood to listen to nature’s messages. Her mission is to help connect people to the natural world around them, and access its insights and wisdom.

She has produced two different sets of cards – a “Dreamtime” set and a “Saltwater” set. You can see them at

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